Saturday, 21 September 2013

Shooter's Sandwich

Shooter's Sandwich in Norfolk

Well, it's certainly been busy recently. Not intentionally ignoring the blog, just not had time to sit down and write. Not even time to start reading the book I bought in the last Norfolk walk... Still, plenty to write about. This post is the Shooter's Sandwich I took on the Norfolk walk back in August. Other things to blog in the near future include a Bank Holiday in the Lake District, tomorrow's Kent walk and a lemon and poppy seed tray bake. Probably ought to be some other stuff as well but that's what springs to mind right now.

There are many individual variations on the Shooter's Sandwich. This is the "basic" version, feel free to play about with it as you wish. Easy to make (I'm sure some of you can work it out from the above photo alone), it makes a good meal whether out on a walk or sitting in the office.

Start off with a good round crust loaf. Slice the top off and scoop out the crumb so you have a hollow loaf. Keep this to one side and make up the mushroom mix. I think I used shiitake mushrooms here but, to be honest, you could use whatever mushrooms are handy. Slice up about 250 grams of mushrooms and gently fry these off with diced onion. I added some cognac and Worcester Sauce as well. Once the mushrooms are cooked and liquid reduced place this mix to one side.

Next fry off 2 steaks. Use a good steak (pointless ever using a bad steak!) and try to get some which are just slightly smaller than the loaf. Cook them to your own preference. If it being left to go cold like this I prefer it to be cooked through rather than rare. Now you just need to construct your sandwich.

Place a steak inside the hollowed out loaf, add mushroom mix on top and make sure it is pushed into any gap around the steak. Add the second steak and then the rest of the mushroom mix. Finally, place the top of the loaf back on top. An easy variation is to add some cheese in as well. Alternatively, if you like mustard or horseradish add as much as you like. This is your sandwich to make as you want.

Once all the ingredient are in and the top of the loaf back on wrap the sandwich in greaseproof paper and seal the package you have created. Sticky works or tie it with string for a more retro look! Finally - and this is the important bit - place some weights on top of the sandwich to compress it. I had half my cook books all piled up on top and left them there for about 6 hours or so. After that all you need to do is to cut it into 4 quarters and eat!

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