Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A Cambridgeshire Ramble (St Ives - Godmanchester)

A recent walk with the local Ramblers. Having not done a lot this year it was good to get out and about again and a gentle local walk was just the ticket. A bit chilly first thing it turned into a lovely spring day as the sun came out.

Starting from St Ives this was ~12.5 miles through the Hemmingfords to Godmanchester and then back to St Ives using the Ouse Valley Way and a nice tea stop at Houghton Mill. It may not be wilderness or mountains but it is a very pleasant local stroll.

Pictures below:

St Ives

Bridge Chapel, St Ives

St Ives

Hemmingford Grey

Hemmingford Grey

The Manor House


Hemmingford Grey


Chinese Bridge




St Ives

Walk Over and inside the Oliver Cromwell in St Ives

Sunday, 13 April 2014

An Indulgent Bread and Butter Pudding

It's been a slow start to 2014 in many ways. Not a lot of walking, though to be fair, given the weather of the last few months it would have been more squelching than walking. Did a walk in January and that's been it so far this year. Thought I had blogged it but apparently not. Ooops... Guess I'll have to post it next.

Not much serious cooking either for one reason or another. At least nothing I've wanted to blog about... Still, feeling like I might be getting a bit of mojo back there. Thank you someone for the prod!

So bread and butter pudding. Classic British pudding. On the one hand it can be a great way to make something from some bread that's gone past it's best. On the other hand it can be made much more indulgent with a bit if planning.

These ingredients are for 1 pint (600ml) dish.

Brioche Fingers - 6
Orange marmalade
Raisins / Sultanas
Milk - 175mls
Double cream - 50mls
Eggs - 2
Caster Sugar - 12g
All Spice

Slice the brioche fingers in 2 and put a thin layer of marmalade on each one.
Grease the dish with butter and layer the brioche into the dish scattering some of the raisins / sultanas in as you go. Add a generous pinch of all spice (or nutmeg if you prefer) over the top.

Next make the custard. beat 2 eggs with the sugar in a bowl. Then add the milk and cream to a pan and heat the mix so it scalds (don't burn it). Add this mix to the egg /sugar mix slowly mixing as you go. This custard can then be poured over the bread. Preferably give it time to soak into the brioche (I left it for a couple of hours), otherwise just scatter a bit more caster sugar over the top now.

Put into an oven at 180C for about 35 mins (take out when nice and golden on top).

Serve hot. I poured over some more double creme (with a little vanilla extract) but ice cream or more custard would work well too.

Sorry there aren't any photos. Trust me though - it was delicious!