Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Holt to Sheringham

A Norfolk coast perambulation...

What can I say except that this is one of my favorite walks. The only downside of my normal route is that it always feels a little short. So, having examined the map I tried to plot a route that hit the coast a bit further west extending the coastal section of the walk. That done I rustled up some friends and crossed my fingers for some good weather...

...and the weather Gods smiled as the forecast rain the day before never appeared and it turned into a lovely day.

The start was Sheringham Station on the North Norfolk Railway and I got there early in order to grab a few photos before the others arrived.

GWR - Polished, just like it should be!

Soon enough though the meeting time arrived and I got acquainted with Norfolkboy while we awaiting for Scaredybob and co to appear. Soon enough the pony tail appeared along with a worrying limp but Bob assured us she'd be ok and we hopped on the train with not a moment to spare. A little route fettling along the way and we got to Holt. A little look around the station and off we went towards Kelling Heath.

Black 5 - Filthy, just like it should be!
And they're off...
I wonder if I can lead a walk from the rear??
The Holt Flyer
The Heath is a very pleasant wander and the heather is just starting to come out. Should be gorgeous in a few weeks time...

Kelling Heath

After the Heath it's the drop down into Kelling itself and judging by how much lower the path is that the trees that path has been there for 100s (1000s?) of years. Always nice to feel like you are treading over ground familiar to generations of people.

Not sure what's growing on this tree though...

In Kelling we paused at the war memorial before heading into one of the walk's bonus features - a splendid tea room and second hand bookshop. Great pot of tea even if the others did think I got lost on my way to the table - I was buying a book!

War Memorial.
Bob sniffs out the tea room beyong...

Kelling Tea Room and second hand bookshop

Giant Umbrella

Lovely pebble finish to the buildings round Norfolk

From Kelling we crossed some stubble fields on our way to Salthouse and the beautiful church there.

Salthouse Church

Lovely Weathervane

Salthouse Church

The Church was quite unusual in that all the stained glass had been removed. However, rather than ruining the atmosphere the plain glass flooding the church with light. The architecture was as lovely as expected and the real bonus was the art exhibition inside. On until the 24 August I recommend it if you get a chance.



World's largest thistle?

From here the sea beckoned with only a minor detour for ice cream and to say hello to a horse. A chance to view some modern transport also...

Crossing Salthouse Marshes we admired this common blue butterfly and our first view of Norfolk's Striding Edge! The first of many pill boxes to be found along this coast line as well.

Common Blue

Salthouse Marshes

Norfolk's Striding Edge !?!
Pill Box

A word of warning though to anyone who does walk this way. The shingle beach is hard going as your feet push back rather than pushing you forward. Heavy going and noisier than you would think...

Our Destination - the little bit of land
which seems to jut out to sea.

A military coastline during the war there are pill boxes galore along here. I suspect it wont be too long before the sea claims some of them. More disturbingly though were the guns that have re-appeared! Some later research shows that these are probably part of the Gun Pit restoration at The Muckleburgh Collection.

The Guns of Kelling Hard

Looking back along the coast

From here we climb up onto the cliffs as they rise up and take us back to Sheringham. A gentle walk the views out to sea are wonderful and once we reached Sheringham's look out point we sat down and admired the view back along the coast we had just walked.

Weybourne Mill

Black 5 returns to Sheringham also

View back from Sheringham lookout

A truly lovely walk with some lovely company. A pleasure to meet Norfolkboy. Bob - delightful as ever, lovely to meet your daughter and your friend David. Until next time my friends...


  1. I don't suppose there's any chance of you popping a map on here of your approximate route? It looks glorious and we're hoping to do the same in March 16