Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Meopham March...

And welcome to the first walk report on here. I really wanted to get out for a walk at the weekend as the forecast was saying good weather and, having been stuck inside for a couple of weeks, it would be good to get some fresh air.
I’m a member of a internet based walking group (www.walkingforum.co.uk) and there was a meet happening not too far away in Kent. So, having said I would join them for the day I was really pleased with the forecast. There was a bit of confusion at the start of the day though. I got to the meeting point and found loads and loads of walkers but not one I recognised. It turned out another group happened to be meeting in exactly the same place! Well, if it is that popular it must be good and thankfully some familiar faces started to appear quite quickly. Panic over!
Once everyone was ready we set off on our walk and immediately left Meopham and went  around Shipley Hills looking towards Gorse Bottom (stop sniggering at the back) before going along Elbows Wood (where do these names come from?). The day was also warming up nicely as some early morning mist burnt off. Mmmmm sunshine...I’d almost forgotten what a warm day felt like. Spring is definitely in the air.
Gorse Bottom

A bit more walking revealed more woods with a very nice shady glade and some convenient fallen trees to sit on. Cue universal decision for an early lunch stop now and to have a further cake stop later. So after a sandwich and a drink we continued on towards Hedon Hill before looping through Beechen wood and onto Priestwood Green. We were also amused by a sign at the end of someone’s garden. At least, I presume it’s a joke!
Hedon Hill


This whole area is a very pretty part of the country with lovely green rolling hills and lots of attractive views. Very different to the mountainous parts of the country. That’s not to say one is better than the other, it’s nice to get some variety. However, I did find myself wishing I’d taken my better camera with a wide angle lens - oh well, an excuse to go back sometime.
Back to the days events - Priestwood Green led to our cake stop and the Tea Loaf I had brought with me was dished out. Having been fiddling with the recipe I’d brought it with me for a second opinion or 10! I needn’t have worried as everyone really enjoyed it. Yes, the recipe will appear here soon.
My smugness was soon punctured though as I had a bit of a Dougal moment...

See the tiny pony above...I spent a couple of minutes thinking it was a horse in the distance...then realised I was standing next to it and it was tiny. D’oh!!! Guess I’ll stick to walking and food rather than equine studies…
On that note we continued through Dunstan Wood and over a couple of final hills back into Meopham and the pub - A welcome sight as it was now getting decently warm with a blue sky. The hills by Meopham Green are a nice place to loiter (and I’m guessing would make a great picnic site on a warm day) but the thought of a cold drink was very appealing.
Meopham Green
Looking back down the path we had just walked up and the previous hill. 

Looking across from Meopham Green

All in all 9.7 miles and 1,296 feet climbed. Not a massive amount but after a winter of no walking I have to admit my legs were feeling it a bit towards the end.
Two final points - if anyone is into walking and is UK based then do check out the Walking Forum. A great bunch of friendly people. Also I do want to try and put a map of the route into here and will add it in when I have figured out how to do it without breaking copyright (if you know then please feel free to comment below).


  1. small.... far away! Classic :-)

  2. What a lovely blog entry. I'm glad I popped in to read it. I particularly like the sign. Class. Tracey

  3. Use this for maps......


  4. Great blog by the way, I always use the above link to place maps on my blogs. I use the snipping tool on windows 7 to save as a jpeg.