Friday, 30 March 2012

Sweet Lamb

No, not the rally stage but rather an idea I had for cooking some lamb today. Very much a first try it turned out tasting very nice indeed, though it is far from a finished idea.

Simply, I was putting a half leg of lamb in a roasting dish and wondered what would happen if I put some light muscovado sugar over the top. So, lamb in the dish, a quartered onion, mixed herbs and then a covering of muscovado and into the oven...

When the lamb was cooked the sugar and herbs were scraped off into the dish and the lamb put to rest. The dish went onto the hob and the juices (with the dissolved sugar) brought to the boil. Splash of madeira and the whole lot was thickened up with a roux. This was then poured over the sliced lamb and mashed potato.

The lamb was certainly sweet but it wasn't overpowered by the sweetness. It was a very good piece of lamb anyway and just seemed lifted somehow.

However, not a finished dish. Too much sauce on the plate and I'd thickened it far too much. Tempted to try and simply thicken it with some corn flour next time.


  1. Sounds really goodI'll be angling for a dinner invite at this rate:-)

  2. Wait until I talk about he Croque Madam I made today...Mmmmmm

    In fact I might have to make another next week...Purely for photography purposes you understand.