Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Wicken Fen

It really is time to catch up with this blog. So, that is the aim for the next few weeks. Therefore, posts will appear (in no particular order) from walks around London, Kentish orchards and an evening in Southwold.

Wicken Fen Windpump

Today though it is a recent sunset at Wicken Fen. One of Britain's oldest nature reserves, the land was donated to the National Trust in 1901 by Charles Rothschild. Well, I say land, it is one of very few remaining wild Fens, most having been turned over to arable land for farming.

Having got there just in time for the sunset there was only time for a short walk round part of the boardwalk prior to setting up for sunset. The sky produced some good colours before the sun dipped behind the clouds on the horizon. I was then hoping to get some photos of the old wind pump with some stars in the background but the clouds really didn't want to co-operate with that idea. Just means I'll have to go back, and next time I'll leave myself more time for a wander around the site as it looks beautiful and tranquil...

Old wind pump

New wind pump

Colours changing rapidly now...

The sun is now behind the cloud on the horizon with
just a little colour reflecting off the higher level cloud...

Old Wind pump again. I was hoping there would be stars behind it at this point.
C'est la vie...

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