Saturday, 13 July 2013

Thorpe to Carsington...

...a Peak District meander.

Now I'll be the first to admit that it's been a bit quiet here recently. Partially due to work and partially due to e being a bit slow posting stuff. Organised by "Bob" this was a lovely walk along the Southern Edge of the Peak District Taking in the Tissington Trail, Limestone Way and High Peak Trail.

So, having met up a total of 15 walkers set off in 4 cars  from Carsington to Thorpe and eventually we all made it... Quite how we lost 2 cars on a single track road I'm not sure but there you are.

From Thorpe we set off along the Tissington Trail. One of many former Peak District railway lines that is seeing new life as a path for walkers and cyclists. There's a lot to be said for them as they are easy walking with little gradient and generally take you from one village to another. They also tend to be very scenic.

Tissington arrived very quickly and pretty much everyone availed themselves of some kind of ice cream or ice lolly. It was going to be a very warm day! It was also the first of the very pretty villages we passed through along the way. Interesting place...

Tissington Pond
Tissington Church 
Tissington Hall

Artisan Shop
Straw Woman in her Garden

Out of Tissington we picked up the Limestone Way to Parwich and the first pub stop of the day. Ice cold orange and lemonade never tasted so good...

Moo-ve it

Ever get the feeling you are being watched...
Sycamore Inn
From here on we passed by Ballidon Quarry and through Royston Grange. The sun was really strong now after starting with a bit of an overcast. Sunscreen and a hat - good move!

After a bit of ascent we came to the High Peak Trail (another former railway line) and followed it to Longcliffe were we had a rest stop. Mental note: watch Beefy's rucksack just in case he forgets it when you all set off again!

High Peak Trail


Still, we didn't laugh too much...

Why the long face?
Nearly home we dropped down to Brassington and then over the hill to Carsington with only two pub stops for more liquids...


Brassington Church

A cracking day with some great people.

Carsington Water panorama


  1. Brilliant photographs Al, I particularly like number 13. I'm glad you guys had such a good walk.