Monday, 6 May 2013


Another local amble; through Grantchester and then along the river. Why? Well, why not, it was a sunny morning and I had a spare couple of hours.

Enjoy some Cambridgeshire photos.

Walking into the village:
Interesting tree

Close up of the Barn

Beautiful horses

This pool is about as far as you can punt upstream from Cambridge. I don't think it is originally part of the river though...the maps show the river splitting in two. One branch twists its way around the eastern side of the village. This other branch is on a straight line. I assume, therefore, that there used to be a mill here and this is at the end of the mill leat. Want further confirmation - just round the corner is a road called Mill Way.

Weeping Willow

Site of an old mill?

Down stream to Cambridge

Little bridge next to the pond
Nesting swan

Through the village:

Grantchester Church

From here I dropped down to the River. Sunny, peaceful, a lovely stroll...

Three trees

Old tree, path, river

Another tree

Seen closer
From here I left the river path and used the paved path back into Grantchester. A few last photos:

Final view of the pond
Better view of this tree with the wide angle lens

And some pseudo IR courtesy of photoshop

Brasley Bridge


  1. What a beautiful place. Your photographs are wonderful, I really like so many of them. Really lovely. :-)

  2. Oooh, that's all wonderful Al, really really beautiful :)
    I love all your photos and how amazing to see a nesting swan.
    It's great to be able to see all this, thank you for your sharing.