Sunday, 17 March 2013

Water on the rocks....

A quick walking post, mainly because it was raining so there aren't many photos. Nothing torrential, but, certainly persistent. Lots of water in the air and on the ground with a side order of mud all round!

This is one of the drier paths!

Another South East meet this one took in some of the rock formations to be found down South. I know, rocks to go climbing on isn't what I think of when it comes to the Kent/Sussex border either, but, it seems there are...

We met up in Aytton's Wood by Groombridge Village and walked through the village to Groombridge Place. Beautiful old building that would be worthy of many photos on a drier day. From here we followed that paths that run (roughly) parallel to the River Grom and the Spa Valley Railway until we ended up at High Rocks.

From here it was into Broadwater Woods and then RSPB Broadwater Warren where we sheltered as best we could for a spot of lunch before walking on through the Nature Reserve to Eridge Rocks.

Eridge Rocks

From here it was across the fields and down to Harrison's Rocks where we again picked up the Spa Valley Railway which we followed back to the carpark. A lovely little walk with friends which certainly got rid of any cobwebs. Must go back on a sunnier day though...


  1. Love that 2nd pic Al. Amazing how something as dull and ordinary as rocks can look so good.

    1. Thanks dittzy - the rocks were great, really interestng formations, especially with the trees growing from them...